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Many customers have requested team functionality, and we’re excited to deliver. This is our plan for the feature, and if you have more requests, please let us know on the comment.

With this new feature, team members can have different permissions for viewing, editing, and sharing projects. This enhancement ensures that meets the needs of teams, improving collaboration and efficiency.

We’re excited to announce the upcoming team collaboration feature on, designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows for teams. This new feature, available exclusively to ULTIMATE users, allows seamless integration and collaboration among team members.

With the team collaboration feature, users can create a team with a unique name, making it easy to identify and manage. The team’s credit will be aligned with the creator’s credit, ensuring that every member has the same access and capabilities. This unified credit system simplifies resource management, as all team members share the same credit pool, fostering a cohesive and collaborative environment.

Users can easily invite others to join their team, expanding collaboration opportunities. By implementing groups for resources, we ensure that managing team assets is efficient and organized. Users can share their project folders and uploads with the entire team, granting every member access to these shared resources. This feature eliminates the need for repetitive sharing and ensures that everyone stays on the same page, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

The team collaboration feature will only be available to ULTIMATE users, providing them with advanced tools to maximize their productivity. ULTIMATE users will benefit from streamlined workflows and enhanced team coordination, making an indispensable tool for project management and collaborative efforts.

To sum up, the team collaboration feature on offers:

  1. Team Creation: Users can create a team with a unique name for easy identification.
  2. Unified Credit System: The team’s credit matches the creator’s credit, and every member shares the same credit pool.
  3. Invitations: Users can invite others to join their team, expanding collaboration.
  4. Resource Groups: Efficient management of shared resources through group implementation.
  5. Shared Folders: Users can share project folders and uploads with the entire team, granting access to all members.
  6. Exclusive Access: Available only to ULTIMATE users for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Leverage’s team collaboration feature to elevate your team’s efficiency and streamline your project workflows. Sign up for ULTIMATE today and transform the way your team collaborates.

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