Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What is DrLambda?
    • DrLambda is a tool that helps store knowledge and convert them into slides or social media posts. It’s designed to support educators, content creators, and professionals in creating visual presentations and engaging content efficiently.
  2. Who created DrLambda?
  3. What formats are supported for download?
    • Users can upload files under 10MB in formats including PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, or link documents from Google Drive, OneDrive, Notion, DropBox. Users can also download slides in PDF and PPTX formats, or social posts in PNG format.
    • The 10MB limit is for one file, we enable users to store a total of 10GB files in our system. Paid users can upload multiple files to one project.
  4. What languages does DrLambda support?
    • DrLambda supports a generating contents in wide range of languages, including English (US and UK), Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Italian, Dutch, Croatian, and Hebrew.

Features and Capabilities

  1. Will DrLambda have a Chrome extension?
    • Yes, a Chrome extension is being worked on to allow users to collect web URLs easily to their libraries.
  2. Can DrLambda create videos?
    • Yes, paid DrLambda users can convert documents into videos, although currently, the videos are not animated.
  3. Is there a credit system? How does it work?
    • DrLambda uses a credit system where users spend credits to create content. For example, creating a slide deck costs 20 credits, creating video will cost 20 credits, generating images will cost 10 credits, and generating a social post will cost 10 credits.
  4. Can DrLambda be used to create social media posts?
    • Currently, DrLambda is focused on creating social media posts.
  5. Can I modify text or colors in the slides globally?
    • While there is support for inserting brand logos and backgrounds, global brand design modifications are planned for the future.
    • We will also be supporting user customized templates.
  6. Are the slides based on templates or uniquely designed each time?
    • DrLambda uses a wide range of pre-designed templates, but contents and layouts are dynamically generated.
  7. Can DrLambda create quizzes or educational content?
    • While not directly supporting quizzes, users can ask the AI Assistant to add a quiz for their content.
  8. Does DrLambda offer unlimited AI credits?
    • Unlimited AI credits are available for PRO tier users.

Usage and Support

  1. What’s the fair usage policy for unlimited AI generation?
  2. Is there a user study or demo available?
    • Yes, users interested in learning more or providing feedback can book a user study session through the Google Calendar link.
  3. What’s the maximum file size for uploads?
    • The maximum file upload size is 10MB.
  4. Is there a mobile app?
    • For creating slides, a mobile version is not offered as it’s not considered best for user interaction. However, some features can be tried through a mobile browser.

Pricing and Offers

  1. Are there any discounts or deals for new users?
  2. Can I request a feature or suggest improvements?
    • Yes, DrLambda seems open to user feedback, and users can request features or suggest improvements through user study sessions. You can also send us email at

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